The Reverend Betty A. Brown


Betty has always been one with a “Trail Blazing Spirit.” God has set a course of action in her ministry of opening doors for others. She was the first woman to be licensed and ordained in the history of First Calvary Baptist Church, Durham, North Carolina; the first woman to be ordained by the Ecclesiastical Council of the East Cedar Grove Baptist Association and her ordination is recognized by the American Baptist Church USA;  She planned and coordinated the first Statewide North Carolina Women’s Conference. Presently, she is the first woman to serve as the Chaplaincy Services Director for the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Prisons.

Reverend Betty Brown  holds a B. A. degree in Criminal Justice from North Carolina Central University, Durham, North Carolina; a Master in Religious Studies with a concentration in Lay Ministries, from Hartford Seminary, Hartford Connecticut, and a Master of Divinity Degree from Duke University Divinity School, Durham, North Carolina.

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