The Reverend Gloria McCanna

Rev. Gloria J. McCanna is serving her 6th year at the First Reformed Church in Fishkill, NY. A congregation steeped in almost 300 hundred years of history and tradition, it has remained true to its call to be a light to the world with its outreach and mission, including the Food Pantry and Children’s Community Services, which serve the wider community and draw volunteers from across the county. 

Gloria, the youngest of 8, grew up in southeast Michigan, came into the church in her 20’s and to the amazement of all was ordained in the Reformed Church in America after completing her divinity studies in Aberdeen, Scotland.

A supporter of Guiding Eyes for the Blind, Jonquil is the second breed dog that Gloria has harbored. Jonquil is a regular around the church office and has made several command performances, including Sunday worship, a graveside service, and many homes and care facilities. Gloria’s enjoys painting, reading her Nook, walking the dog, and soaking up the beauty of nature. 

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