Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Stronghold

Scripture:  Psalm 9:9-14

I often think of a stronghold as an oppressive sin, as something that has a hold on me and something that keeps me from freedom and fullness of life.  Psalm 9, however, invites us to consider the Lord as a stronghold, as a fortified place of safety from attack.  Here a stronghold is not something oppressive or incarcerating; instead, this Stronghold offers a place of refuge, safety, and strength. 

In times of trouble, we can take refuge in our Stronghold, the Lord, who is ever mindful of and present with us.  When we are oppressed, we can take heart, knowing that God has not forsaken us and that God has not forgotten the “cry of the afflicted” (v12).  When we take refuge in the Stronghold, we are better able to trust in the Lord, sing songs of praise, and testify of all the Lord has done and will do.

Prayer:  Lord, you are our Stronghold.  We thank you for being our refuge and our retreat, our strength and our salvation, Amen.

 The Reverend Adrienne Denson

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