Saturday, March 24, 2012


Children of Wrath

Scripture:  Ephesians 2:1-10

Have you ever considered the power of your words?  Can you recall a hurtful thing someone has said to you in the past or that you have said to someone in the past?  Often, words stay in our memories much longer than the feelings or the context in which they were said. We can speak out of impulse, use our words to manipulate, or communicate with others to inflict pain upon them.  When we use our words in this manner, we act as “children of wrath”.   Speaking in this manner, using our words to bite others, leaves us miserable and deadened in spirit.  The epistle explains that God reaches out to us in love even when we operate out of this wrath, giving us his Son to show us his love.  The Lord heals us and raises us through Jesus, restoring us to the people God created us to be.  Because even though we can operate out of wrath, we were created for good works, loving words, and union with God and each other.

Merciful Lord,
Smother any flame of wrath in my heart and replace it with the flame of your love.  Burn away the dross on my tongue and replace it with songs of your goodness.  Restore me to the beautiful creature you intended from the beginning. Amen.

 Mary Beth Beauchamp

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