Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Be Quiet!

Scripture:  I Corinthians 1: 27-31

Wednesday of Holy Week is one of the quietest of them all. Biblical scholars aren't sure what happened on this day, as there is nothing explicitly recorded as happening. All we know is that Jesus was most likely in Bethany and spent the night there. In the storm of controversy which was to come, it was good for Jesus  to have a "quiet" day, don't you think? (When is the last time you took a day off for Sabbath?)

There's a popular notion in cultural Christianity that our worth is based on what we do for God. The more we do and the more people who know us and affirm our ministry, the more we are loved by God and the more blessed we are. Yet, even here in the midst of the holiest of weeks, Jesus reminds us that such an attitude is totally off-base. It is not the busy that God chooses to use; it is the foolish-- the foolish who take a day off in the middle of a busy week so that they have something of God to say at the end.

Though it is popular wisdom to go and "be all that we can be," it is good to stop and remember in quietness that ultimately life is not all about us. And, we are beloved by God in our resting, as much in our doing.

Prayer:  Lord God, as night falls this evening, remember me of the blessedness of rest. May my mind be cleared of every thought, every worry, every concern, and may those ideas be placed in your hands, so that when I rise in the morning, I may be filled up and able to take another step toward the cross again. AMEN.

 The Reverend Elizabeth Hagan

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