Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday, May 28, 2012

Highest Praise

Scripture:  I Sam 2:1-10

Reflection: What do you do with a gift bigger than your dream? Give it back to the giver for safe keeping.

Our scripture today points to the possibility that Hannah may have penned what we now know as “The Magnificat”. Hannah’s song is indeed every woman’s song; every woman who has yearned for the one gift that sets woman (in her gendered role) apart. In a culture that prized children over material worth, her barrenness rendered her poorer than poor. In this situation all of her husband’s love was poor consolation. She had a hunger and a desperation that required a miracle and a miracle worker. 

Enter God. 

Like a skilled juggler, God begins lifting and throwing and catching. If you have watched jugglers at work you know the act is best done with light weight materials. So the mighty, “the do-it-youselfers”, the “filled-to the gills with pride”; these were dropping and breaking and being discarded by the Almighty. Even the Almighty couldn’t carry them. But the “I need thee every hourers”, the weak; these were being held in the mighty arms of Jehovah, and Hannah was among them. Girded with the strength of the Lord she could let all 32 of her teeth show as she breaks into song that celebrates the strength of the Lord; the Lord who looks to the way (literally feet) of the humble. Knowing the source of her gift, she brings him back with exultant thanksgiving.

But what was she thinking? Didn’t she know how dangerous it is to give a man child to God? Perhaps she knew; knew well this God who kills and brings back to life and said “Yes”.

Prayer:  Dear Lord, Please help me to hold lightly to the gifts you give to me. Amen.

Dr. Esther Acolatse

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