Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday ,May 30, 2012

The Scent of Love

Scripture:  Romans 12:9-16b

Come Down O Love Divine

My people, who dabble in proverbs and pithy sayings, say “only the teeth know with whom they are smiling” for not all flashing of the pearly whites translate the same message.  The saying speaks to inherent falsehood and lack of transparency and therefore trust in human dealings. Perhaps it is for the same reason that Paul pens these important words calling the believers to authenticity in their relationships. The foundation of such authentic living with one another is love. It is this love that allows for us to do the impossible, putting others before us. It is this love that allows us to be made low and lift others up. Not in a subservient way, but in a way that suggests that we know who we are because we know whose we are. 
Elizabeth and Mary had learned that lesson well, so well it rubbed off on the children they were carrying in their wombs. So well the sons born of them exemplified it and then left a legacy for all who would call God Abba.  John spoke the humblest words ever spoken by one man to another younger than himself. “There is one coming after me whose sandals I am not worthy to untie.” He had learned that lesson from a mother who spoke almost similar words to a younger woman “how it is the mother of my Lord would come and visit me?” 

And Jesus, the one who was God enfleshed, was led to the slaughter like a lamb, and uttered “not a mumblin’ word”; he had also learned from a mother who had said “behold I’m the handmaid of the Lord, let him do with me according to his will”. Sure the two men had a call on their lives and the grace to carry them through; but I’m sure the example of their mothers helped to solidify their acquiring the love that puts others first without losing self; the love that allows one to take the humbler part. 

Today, may the fragrance of that love waft to eternity through  Christ’s life in us; we who have been brought to new life by the supernal gift of the love the Father has shown through Christ our savior.

Dear Lord,
Let Holy Charity, mine outward vesture be
And lowliness become my inner clothing
True lowliness of heart
Which takes the humbler part
And o'er its own short comings weeps with loathing

 Dr. Esther Acolatse

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