Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012


Scripture:  Psalm 93:1-2

Times are uncertain, but haven’t they always been? I don’t recall any period of my life that was replete with certainty. It is very rare that I ever know the outcome; therefore, I never bank on a certain result. Even the simplest thing like a meal that I’ve prepared successfully several times can, for some known or unknown reason, turn out differently, possibly horribly. However, I am assured of one thing: the God that I chose to serve when I was 13 years old has never changed, has been consistent and seems to only get better with time.

The scripture reminds us that anything God establishes will stand. That’s why no one can shut any door that God opens, nor open any doors that God shuts. Whether it’s our relationships, careers, material possessions or positions, if God’s hands have molded and shaped it to be, it will be and it will stand. Just think: No matter what we do to it and how much we abuse it, the world is still standing. Why? Because God established it from the very beginning.

Prayer:  Dear God, As we experience shifts in our lives, help us to trust that you are framing our lives according to your will. That although our lives may experience change, that you are still the same God who established the world from the very beginning. Certainly, if you can sustain this world, then surely you can handle our lives. Amen.

 The Reverend Dr. Regina C. Groff

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