Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Let's Dance
Scripture:  Psalm 48
Many Americans will celebrate Independence Day, a day which is considered one of the most important holidays in America; a day in which the Emancipation Proclamation was signed to declare its independence from Great Britain. 
While many are celebrating Independence Day, I am proclaiming the Lord’s Day! Let’s rejoice and be glad in it. Let’s Dance, Let rejoice and shout halleluiah all across the world because our Lord reigns forever and ever! 
Let’s dance like a bride and groom on their wedding day, embracing each other with the intensity of love that will endure forever for all to witness and share with us! “Our God is forever and ever”. Let Him have this dance with you and guide your every step. Dance with Him, follow Him, and He will lead you forever!
Prayer:  Dear Heavenly Father, help me to continue to rejoice with you and celebrate my freedom in you. I want to dance with you, because in your loving arms I am protected and safe. Please keep me and guide me.

The Reverend Antoinette Daye

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